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ACH or Draft Payments

ACH and Draft payments use the same basic information to debit checking and savings accounts. One falls under state law, the other under federal law. Which is better for you?

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In the last 25 years, we have implemented a wide range of custom options that are ready for you now. If not now, these options are always available.

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Customised with your company name and logo, our debtor site is simple for your debtors or other account holders to use. Save the time and money it takes to develop your own site.

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Customer service is our top priority. Most customer issues are promptly handled in one phone call or email. We understand the special needs of collection agencies, which are a large portion of our customer base. Companies in other industries also appreciate our reliable and friendly service.
Services We Provide
Drafts look like checks, except these days they are mostly processed as electronic images. They are signed by someone other than the account holder, but with the account holders authorization. Drafts are harder to create and are more expensive to process than ACH payments, unless you do a lot of them. However, drafts have a number of significant advantages, The rules for obtaining authorization are more lax than ACH payments. Drafts can contain more information than ACH payments, which reduces confusion and disputes.
Our main login page gives you quick and powerful access to a number of useful functions. You can search through past or future transactions including settlement payments with a google-like search. All recent reports and invoices are available for download. File upload is a breeze. A single click sends you to a simple to use input page. Our customers agree that it is very user friendly.
We have a simple,easy to use method of creating payment plans. First you enter a regular transactions, which serves as the first transaction of the plan, and also as the template for additional transactions. Then we need to know how often the payments are spaced: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Finally we need to know how long the plan goes, by specifying an ending date, or amount to collect. If the balance due is not an even multiple of the payment amount, the last payment will collect the final amount due.
Drafts and ACH payments are often 3% to 5% cheaper to run than credit cards. Credit card fees are a significant cost for all businesses, but especially for collection agencies. Agencies often keep about 30% of what they collect, so the 3% - 5% in credit card fees ends up being 10% to 17% of their total revenue. This represents a very significant part of the final profits. Why work hard and pay the profits to Visa and MasterCard?