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Our areas of Expertise

Automated Billing Design and Support

Automatic payment systems can minimize billing costs and reduce late payments. We can help with payment processing system design and implementation.

Account Receivable Management

Let us manage your payments. If you have special needs, we have a number of solutions that can meet your requirements.

PBX and Call Handling

IP telephony can lower costs and increase your capabilities. Don't focus on the web so much that you forget the power of the phone.

Call Center & Data Entry

Customer support, help desk, and volume data entry need the computer to efficiently present and capture information. If out of the box solutions do not work for you, call us.

How we Work
We can help with all aspects of designing, implementing and managing business information systems. We select the person or team with the skills to address your project, and get going.
Services We Provide
If you have a problem that falls under Our Areas of Expertise above, then contact us for help. Many companies are not familiar with payment system details, and how they can be used to optimize your cash flow. We are happy to perform a free analysis of your billing and collection systems and procedures. Consulting is charged abased on the approximate time needed and the skill level required.
Many businesses fit into a standard business model for which software packages are available. These are businesses like stores, restaurants, and manufacturing. However, the internet is opening up new business opportunities that need to collect and manage information in new and sometimes complicated ways. These are often the most creative and potentially lucrative business opportunities. If you have a vision but lack some of the technical skills to make it a reality, Pacific Partners can help. We usually work on a fee for services basis, but sometimes take an equity position in our customers' projects. Is your business idea ready for the next step?
Modern business system implementation requires many specialized skills, which may include graphic design, user interface and testing, data management, marketing, etc. We put together the best team for your project, do a preliminary top level design, and then define the major project components and milestones. We try to include user testing to validate usability as early as possible in the project. We sre strong believer in using open source software packages, components and tools whenever possible. This keeps costs low and usually helps speed implementation.
We recommend putting most all business data in the cloud, because that is generally the least expensive and most reliable option. However, Your employees need real world connections. Mobile connections work great for those on the road or working from home. Setting up offices or call centers may require additional support. Pacific Partners can help you set up your office or call center. Or you can use one of our call facilities by renting seats for your employees or buying phone time from our staff.